tirsdag den 17. februar 2015

Blog Recommendations

Hi Everyone,

Today I thought I would share my favourites blogs with you, the ones I always type in the address field. I always love getting inspiration to new blogs, so if anyone of you have any good suggestions to blog to look into, please leave a link below :)

The first blog is from the American Youtuber Aspyn Ovard who started out only doing Youtube videos, but recently started a blog. The pictures on her blog is truly amazing! I wish I could deliver the same standard pictures, and her way of writing is very very nice. Definitely a blog worth reading :)

The next blog that I want to tell you about is Amelialiana who is a British Youtuber (aswell), I think she has been writing a blog for quite some time. She is so good at telling about makeup (I use her a lot for inspiration!) and clothing. Simply a gorgeous blog.

The next blog is also run by a British Youtuber called Lily Pebles, she also writes and talks about beauty and makeup. She also reviews a lot of brands and tells her honest truth about the brands :)

I have a few more favourite blogs that I would share with you, but I decided to split it in to two parts. 

Hope you enjoyed and will give the blogs a go, and don't forget to leave a link to your favourite blogs down below :)


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