tirsdag den 7. oktober 2014

What's next?

Hello everyone :)

For the past few weeks I have been a little sad. The thing is that as of yesterday I am out of job. For the past 6 years I have worked as a freelancer for the cruises in Copenhagen, but since Copenhagen is a part of Scandinavia where it gets cold in the fall/winter time, cruises are only here from May to October, so every year after October I have to find a new job.

This year seemed to cause more problems than the past few years. I would love to find a job where I could use my studies (I graduated as a servicemanager last year), but also a job where I could get some more administrative experience, so a job where I could combine those two. Easier said than done!

Right now I have a part time job as a receptionist at a hotel in Copenhagen and I am so grateful for the fact that I have something. But obviously I would love a full-time job.

I am a very active person. I have a hard time sitting at home doing nothing, so for me, it is super hard not having a full-time job that I can get up for at 7 am every morning and come home at 5 pm.

That was enough from me for now. Hopefully I will have found something by the time I talk to you next :)

Peace out

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