søndag den 19. oktober 2014

October favourites- Beauty edition

Above you see my all time favourite beauty prodcuts. This is what I put on every day before I go out or go to work. 

1- For my mascara I use Elizabeth Arden Sumptuous Extreme and I must say this one works wonders! I have the longest eyelashes whenever I wear this, which is a good thing, because I would never be able to put on fake eyelashes to make them look longer. 

2- For my brow I ALWAYS put on the Speed Brow from Benefit even when I don't put on the rest of the makeup. Like on a boring Sunday like this. I love how the Speed Brow makes my eye brows feel, cause they can be a bit fozzy.

3- For my upper eyeliner I use the Benefit They're real! Push-up liner. This one my sister gave me for my birthday, and it has been a good friend of mine ever since. I don't wear it every day, but when I feel like creating something more and exciting :)

4- for my under eye liner I use the one from Clarins. I love Clarins products, and this is no exception. It makes my eyes pop!

1- For my foundation I use the MaxFaktor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in1 Foundation. Gosh, that was a long name for one product. I tend to have really dark circles under my eyes, and this time of year I tend to have red spots under my eyes aswell, so I went to my Local Matas (the same as Boots) to find a foundation that could cover everything. This one is amazing! This covers up EVERYTHING and stays! This is one of my must-recommend products.

2- For my blush I am using one from Sephora. This one is called Corail Frisson no. 04 Coral crush. This is a nice and refreshing blush, and my boyfriend always compliments how my cheecks look after putting this on.

3- To apply this blush I use a Sephora brush. I would give you the name of it, but everything is in either Spanish or French. I can tell you that it is super soft and really helps to apply blush in the perfect way.

Last but not least I have the Urban Decay Nakes Basics Palette. I don't wear this every day, mostly when I am going somewhere or if I feel like being wild and crazy ;) I have yet to find the perfect way to apply these tones of colours to my eyes, so if anyone out there has any good tips, please feel free to comment, cause I would love to know :)

I hope you enjoyed this little post, and stay tuned for October Favourites- Fashion edition.


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