lørdag den 25. juli 2015

New in- Designer Handbags

Hello everyone,

Yes, it might seem a little too much, but trust me these bags have been purchased over a longer period of time. Let's get in to it :)

1) This Marc By Marc Jacobs bag I got for work. It's small and it fits EVERYTHING I need, therefore I thought it would be perfect to run around in the airport to keep my money, phone etc. And also it is super cute and I'm in love!

 2) This is my newest one, a Kurt Geiger. I just got this at Heathrow Airport. I eyed this one a few months ago on Youtuber Niomi Smart, and I think this is such  cute purse to pair with every outfit, since it is such a contrast to everything! Also very much in love with this bag, although i does not hold very much.

3) This Rebecca Minkoff bag was on my wish list for a long time, and when I finally decided to get it, it was sold out everywhere. This is from her own website, and it is the perfect bag for me!

 4) I have never really given much thought to Ted Baker as a brand, but ever since I saw this bag in Zoella's "What's in my bag" video, I have had my eyes on this one, and when I found it in London on Sale I knew I had to get it.

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