søndag den 19. april 2015

Learning to Pennyboard

Hi Everyone,

Lately, or over the past year or so, I have been watching a lot of vlogs from FunForLouis. He travels all over the world, and manage to get around different airports with his Pennyboard and his Longboard. While I was watching this, I was thinking how nice that was and how cool it was, and the more I watched the more I got hooked on owning my own Pennyboard. When we went to Berlin I told my boyfriend that I wanted a Pennyboard, and next I would see one I would get it. The next day we went in to a skate shop to look at caps for him, and it so happens that they had a lot of Pennyboards in different colours, so I had to get one. I got a nice lavender coloured one, so pretty. 

My good friend back in Denmark wanted to get a Longboard, so it worked perfectly and we have been cruising around ever since, pretending we were good at it ;)

Here are some photos of us enjoying life as skaters!

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