torsdag den 22. januar 2015

My Makeup Collection

It's small, but it's there!

I use my Clean lotion every time I come out of the shower. It smells nice and it helps me prevent itchy legs.

Right now I am using my Nivea deoderant, but I can't wait to use my Secret deoderant. My face lotion is from Body Shop.

I love my Naked Palettes. I use the Basic palette for my eyebrows and the Naked 3 for my eye lids.

My makeup bags are from CPH Living I believe it is (they were a gift for my birthday)

This is where I keep most of my makeup on an every day basis.

For my eyes I use Elizabeth Arden for my mascara and my Clarins eyeliner for under my eyes, when I want to highlight my upper liner, I use Benefit they´re real push-up liner, and if I am going out I use Rimmel's red (I can't remember the name of it)

For my face I use the Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 foundation with, on top I put my Stay Matte powder and last but least I use my Sephora blush to top up my cheeks.

I hope you guys found this interesting. I find it more and more interesting to see other people's makeup collection and get inspiration for an every day makeup.

Link your blog in the comments :)


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