lørdag den 13. december 2014

Hi guys!

At the moment, I am either taking pictures on my phone and filming on my Ipad mini, but after updating to IOS something something (I don't know what I updated it to), I don't have any memory left on my Ipad, it will film for 2 minutes and then stop filming. Therefore I have decided to upgrade to a real camera, and keep using my Ipad for Youtube videos. 

I have been looking at Canon EOS700D. It is great quality and you can kinda flip the screen so that you can watch your self while you are filming or taking pictures, and I think that is so cool  when filming, so you don't film for 30 minutes and then look at the footage and it turns out that you actually only filmed half your face ;)

I would love to know what kind of camera you use for your blog or Youtube channel?

Please let me know, I could use some inspiration :)


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