onsdag den 12. november 2014


Hi guys,
So I want to talk a little about working out. I come from a really active family, and for as many years as I can remember I have done several kinds of sports; swimming, dance, soccer, handball, running. My family play handball and are elite gymnastics, so I can't imagine not doing anything. After highschool I  taught dance lessons for a few years but when that had to have an end I couldn't figure out what was next, I could not just sit at home and do nothing. I decided to sign up for Fitness World so I could start getting in shape. 

The thing with gyms, is that you have to have certain days that you decide to go, otherwise it is very easy to just sit at home. For me it goes up and down. Some days it is so easy for me to go, but if I am working from 3pm-11pm I don't feel I have enough energy to go to the gym before. I try to go every other day to different classes, either Step classes, Zumba classes or a class where I can lift some weights, and I find that makes me the most happy. If I start trying to go every single day, I tend to disappoint myself, and by that I don't feel happy, therefore I started my "Every other day" - routine, and on the days that I don't go, I simply pull out my yoga mat and do some ab and butt exercises at home :)

I felt like sharing this with you, since I, for some time, felt unhappy with myself. It really helped to change my routing, and also eat fruit every single day!

Let me know how you guys like to work out.



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