tirsdag den 4. november 2014

10 Random facts

Hi Guys!

I would really love to get to know you out there, and therefore I think it is only fair I tell you some random facts about myself :)

1. I am 25 years old, but I look 21.

2. Because of my appearance they denied my alcohol in the States in the Spring, eventough I showed them my ID!

3. I love to hang out with my family, friends and boyfriend. That also means that I am not a big "party" person.

4. I also tend to get sick before I get tipsy when I drink.

5. I would love to work at a travel agency or in the cruise industry.

6. I have 3 younger siblings.

7. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5,5 years.

8. I love mashed potatoes.

9. I am a very big fan of America, and I would move in a heartbeat!

10. I love The Walking Dead!

There you guys, I hope you found this fun! I would love to get to know you :)


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