tirsdag den 28. oktober 2014

October favourites- Fashion/Tech edition

 Hi everyone!

I'm back with the other half of my October favourites- this time fashion and tech edition. I always get inspired from reading other people's monthly favourites. I do not have a favourite song this month, since I have listened to very little music for some reason. 

My first favourite item is my Ipad Mini. I bought this last month, but this has become my best friend this month. I watch movies on it every day, I edit my own movies on it whenever I have filmed. This Ipad can be used for many things, and it really does not take up a lot of room in my purse or on my desk!

This Tripod I just bought last week and the last part of it (The top that attaches my Ipad just came today, but I am so excited to film lots of videos for you!) Stay tuned guys. I will be uploading videos on Youtube. Find me on www.youtube.com/SarahLuna89 

 This dress I purchased last week, but I simply adore this dress, it is my favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment. This dress is so timeless, and I see a lot of fall/christmas arrangements with this dress on! What do you guys think?

I don't think this comes as any surprise for you guys. My Mini Mac from Rebecca Minkoff. This is my go-to bag whenever I leave the apartment. It is perfect for for my Iphone, wallet, sunglasses, gym, charger etc. 

That was it for this months favourites, I hope you enjoyed it :)


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