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My handbag collection

Hi guys
I've been browsing Youtube a lot lately, and I've come across a lot of Handbag collection videos, and I really find them interesting, to get a sneakpeak into others handbag collection, and to get inspiration yourself.

Therefore I enjoy when people are putting up blog posts or videos to show us their handbag collection, and I thought I would share mine too. Although mine is not crazy designer handbags or anything, but more in a reasonable prize range. 

A little disclaimer. I am not trying to brag or show off in any way. I just want to show you guys, and give you inspiration if you are looking to buy a new handbag :)

My Longchamp rucksack is the most recent bag purchase I have made. I saw this on Zoe Sugg on her Youtube channel and I fell right in love with it. This is SO cute and practical, the only thing I would say, is that it looks better on you if you a) don't have a huge jacket on or b) have a long trenchcoat on. I only have a short jacket or a long winter jacket, and it does not look as good as I wanted it to, but I still love the bag.

This bag here I bought because I am in love with Celines nano bag or Decadent mini shopper, but they are way out of my prize reach, therefore I picked this up in Lindex in Malmoe, Sweden. This is SO perfect for what I carry everyday. It fits my Ipad mini, my notebook, my makeup bag, my wallet etc. 

This Marc By Marc Jacobs bag I had my eyes on for about 6 months before I got my hands on it. I bought it in Copenhagen airport when I worked out there (I got a 10% discount), and I got for about 2900DKK. I haven't been using it a lot lately, just because I have other bags that fits my needs better right now, but I still love this bag, and I am sure I will keep using it.

For sale

This little Marc By Marc Jacobs purse I also bought in Copenhagen airport when I worked there. The unifirm I used to wear did not have pockets, so I had no place for my Iphone and my wallet, which I had to leave in the staffroom, and I had my money stolen, therefore I figured I needed a smaller purse that I could carry around with me while running around the airport and keep my Iphone and wallet with me :)

This Rebecka Minkoff bag you have already seen and heard of. But I wanted to show you anyways. I bought this as the first thing when I got to Miami. I was eyeing this for about6 months and I knew that they wold them in America. I simply love this bag. I carry it with me all the time! It fits my notebook, Iphone, Sunglasses and wallet and all the small things that you need with you :)

Thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed :)

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