onsdag den 27. marts 2013

Another day in Sweden

Hat-H&M, Shirt-Primark, Skirt-Forever 21, Shoes-Atitude, Bag-Marc By Marc Jacobs

Bowl from Normann Copenhagen

I went to Sweden today with my parents, my sister and my brother. I really love going to Sweden with them, so much fun and I just love to hang out with my family like that. Afterwards, I went back home with them to have dinner, there's always a good excuse ;) The weather was SOO nice out today, I didn't even have to wear my jacket, which I left in the car- really nice!
I bought the bowl from Normann. I've been wanting these bowls in different colours ever since I bought for my dad for Christmas. My parents decided that the hat fit my perfectly, so it came home with my, thankfully :)- I really like it, and it's gonna be great when the weather is really really good! I also bought a bag, but you will have to wait to see it until tomorrow :)
Have a good evening all!

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